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Momotaō's war

  Oni tribe massacre caused by a human boy, Momotarō. Nearly half of the onis at that time were killed. It's been 10 years since the incident, so some kids don't know it.



Mt. Hitotsuno 

  A mountain that rises in the center of the island. Hitotsuno Shrine is located at the summit, and the entire mountain is a sanctuary. Ironmaking is carried out at tataraba, and there is a slash-and-burn field at the foot of the mountain. A place of Chi-na's hunting. A river flows from the mountain and divides the northern part of the island into east and west.



Hitotsuno shrine

  A shrine that sits on top of a mountaintop. The place of emotional support of the oni tribe. The enshrined deity is the head of Shuten-dōji. A myth that shows the origin of the oni tribe is handed down. The current chief priest, SHIRAKI Masaomi, and his daughter, Mao, are white oni.




  A human settlement built in the southern part of the island. In the southernmost part of the area, there is a Naonomiya castle, and the castle town is surrounded by an earthen wall as an outer shell. Commerce is thriving and it is crowded with Nanban people and spectators. On the other hand, there are many rogues.



Tsujikaja meninos

  A band formed by Yoshiki. Tsujikaja means thugs who hang out in the streets, and Meninos means boys in Portuguese. It is popular for its revolutionary style called "Hippu hoppu'', which combines the borderless musicality of races, including oni, humans, Nanban people, and blacks, with "rappu,'' which was invented by Yoshiki. 




  Naonomiya's unique culture is a fusion of oni, human, and Nanban people cultures. It can be seen in many fields such as music, dance, fashion, and cooking.



Ikkō shū

  A group that believes in Jōdo Shinshū sect Buddhism, chants nenbutsu and causes revolts. Hongan-ji Temple in Osaka torments Nobunaga. It is also an important existence in Onigashima.

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